Pastoral Prayer – 9/15/18

Before your cross, O Jesus, our lives are judged today. It is one thing for us to worship you within the confines of this sanctuary. It is another to follow you into those places of rejection, suffering, and death. Peter speaks for us all when he offers his rebuke. The way of the cross scares us and we too say that there must be another way, yet in our hearts we know there is not. We ask forgiveness this morning for setting our minds on human things. There is a saying that the will of God will never take us where the grace of God cannot keep us. In your life, death, and resurrection we see that this saying is true. Lord, we pray for your Spirit to fall afresh on us this day, melting us, molding us, filling us with power from on high, so that we, your Church, can pick up our cross and follow in your way. Help us to serve and find our life in you.  This morning we pray for all who have experienced the fury of Hurricane Florence. We pray for those who did not evacuate and are now in the dark without services. We pray for those who left not knowing what they will face when they return. We pray for the rescue workers, who faithfully do their jobs in the aftermath, placing their own lives and concerns on hold. We continue to pray for those in leadership positions, that instead of using their energy to undermine one another, they would work cooperatively for the citizens they serve. For our world in need of healing and wholeness, we pray as Jesus taught us saying, “Our Father, who art in heaven…

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